Born more than 30 years ago, the .AU domain’s history is a rich tapestry of interactions between Australian businesses and its government. This blog will provide a brief history of .AU domains, highlighting key milestones and pivotal moments in its development, and explain how you can resell .AU domains, navigating the rules and opportunities within this vibrant and competitive market.

Resell .AU domains

To start, the .AU country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) was allocated in 1986 by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to Melbourne University. The IANA is a standards organisation that oversees global IP address allocation and controls numbers of protocols and the ccTLDs.

The original policies for .AU was created at Melbourne University and by 1996, .COM.AU domain names grew in popularity. Thus, a self-regulatory body with the Australian Internet industry was formed called the Australian Domain Name Administration (ADNA). This administration was later renamed to .AU Domain Administration (auDA) and ultimately, they took over operations of the .AU Top Level Domain in 2001.

Since the .Several organisations managed AU domains in the past, there were some fractures in the rules and regulations and thus in 2001, the auDA decided to implement a secure and streamlined registry system for the 5 key .AU registries: .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU, .ASN.AU and .ID.AU.

The winner of the registry was AusRegistry, who remained the Registry Operator for 8 years and managed specific registry license agreements for the Australian government .GOV.AU and education names .EDU.AU. By 2017, the auDA announced Afilias Australia Pty Ltd. would manage the registry services for .AU domain.

Accredited registrars or authorised resellers perform all registration services for Australian domains. Over the years, the popularity and demand for Australian domain names have seen a significant increase, growing from just thousands to an impressive 3.1 million registrations by 2018. This remarkable growth reflects the high level of trust and credibility that .AU domains are held among individuals and businesses in Australia.

If you’re looking to secure and resell .AU domains, it’s essential to understand the market dynamics and the preferences of Australian businesses. Reselling .AU domains can be a profitable venture due to the high demand and trust associated with these domains. By partnering with a reportable provider, you can ensure that your resell .AU domains strategy is successful and meets the needs of your customers.

Australian domains, such as those ending in,, and others, are highly regarded for their reliability and local relevance. They help businesses and individuals establish a strong online presence that resonates with Australian audiences, thereby enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness. This makes the opportunity to resell .AU domains even more appealing. Learn more on .AU domains here.

Resell .au domains

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